17 February 2012

MarWiSe course, Walvis Bay
Friday, 17th February 

The second MarWiSe course was completed today. I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate all 26 course participants, and to thank them for their excellent questions, discussion and feedback. This is only the beginning of a process to develop sustainable marine tourism in Walvis Bay and elsewhere along Namibia's coast, and to work towards a Code of Conduct for marine tour operators which everyone can be proud of. 

The following people have completed MarWiSe training:

Werner Ahrens (Catamaran Charters)
Peter Bridgeford (freelance guide)
Bernd Curschmann (Lemon Reel)
Eduard du Toit (Ocean Adventures)
Linja Erlank (Sunsail)
Martinette Fourie (Ocean Adventures)
Craig Gibson (Namibia Kayak Tours)
Elrico Greenwood (Dolphin Tours) 
Johann Horn (Laramon)
Peter Karsten (Laramon)
Sandra Knop (freelance guide)
Mike Lloyd (Catamaran Charters)
Duan Oppermann (Dolphin Tours)
Lisa Oppermann (Dolphin Tours)
Jeanne Meintjes (Eco Marine Kayak)
Hazel Milne (Eco Awards Namibia)
Hans-Jorg Moeller (Sunsail)
Johan Mostert (Levo Tours)
Bernd Nietner (Eco Marine Kayak)
Anke Roehl (Sunsail)
Armin Schuff (freelance guide)
Walter Schaefer (Mola Mola)
Basilia Shivute (environmental consultant)
Peter van der Merve (Levo Tours)
Archie van der Merwe (Laramon)
Marko Van Vuuren (Catamaran Charters)

Huge thanks to Oceans Restaurant for providing the venue; to John Paterson and Hazel Milne for contributing to the course, to Sandra Knop, Marko Van Vuuren, Martinette Fourie, Walter Schaefer and Jeanne Meintjes for their inputand for helping to make this course a reality.

Jean-Paul Roux at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources drew up the Code of Conduct presented in this course, in consultation with the Namibian Dolphin Project.The course was supported by a Rufford Small Grant and by the WiSe Scheme (www.wisescheme.org).

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